Friday, 20 April 2018

Its Friday!

Here's something juicy to sink your teeth into just before the weekend hits. 



More photos to come from the Eastern Australian graffiti tour! 
This is a snapshot of a conglomeration of stickers in Newcastle, New South Wales. 

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Australia Graffiti reaches the top 30 Australian art blog list!

This blog was recently awarded in the top 30 art blogs in Australia by Feedspot.

Ringwood Wall re-visted

The standard here is high and strangely enough doesn't receive the tagging onslaught that most legal walls endure (or as I prefer  the term socially accepted graffiti wall). Hosier Lane in Melbourne and Morphett Bridge Legal walls are prime examples of walls bombed with tags. 

 With a bit of research this looks like Melbourne artist Sabeth. 
He has a 1992-3 panel piece featured in Kings Way Book. Sabeth's Blog

New 2 DMA, AFP
A distinct experimental non traditional graffiti letter-form approach. Bursting with originality.

Liquorice all-sorts piece  
This appears to be the fine work of Flash from CI crew.
Porno from SDM, CDF
One of the finest quality vandals from Melbourne. Consistently fresh, tight work, well known for his balanced abstract symmetrical pieces. 
Phibs from Sydney
His commissioned artwork is frequently seen in the inner Northern suburbs of Melbourne and the inner Western suburbs of Sydney. For me he's one of the few Australian artists who successfully produces street art and graffiti, without criticism from the graffiti community. 
Often people get too caught up in the name and reputation associated with the name. In saying this artists that have built themselves a name (or for some even a brand) in the underground scene deserve recognition. Some people need to appreciate the work for what it is, not who it is. Nice work Mone!

Previously featured
The Tame piece seen in Part 3 is still there and is respected

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Fresh from Hosier Lane, 13th post

The vibe of Hosier is constantly changing. Culture Kings a new store has opened up, smack bang in the middle of the lane-way pumping out pop music and selling the "latest" fashion. The only good part about this is the crowds it brings to Hosier. However the major negative effect is the commodification of the Melbourne street art, graffiti scene. This store is primarily marketing itself on the surrounding painted walls. This is a great example of how capitalism subconsciously infiltrates public space and completely fucks with free unrestricted creative energy. 

Fresh work from Brisbane born artist Sofles.

This artwork is paid for.

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