Sunday 6 July 2014

"What a Character!"

In Melbourne, graffiti is more than just tags. These photos are examples of crews that use characters as their tag or calling card. The most infamous is of course is the Cat. Seen in the northern suburbs and particularly inner-west. It takes a lot of technique to develop a character in which you can throw-up quickly.
 Merri Creek, Alien Wizard
The wiz is like an extra terrestrial alien, with quint-essential, Australian cork hat for the funkin blow flies. 
loving the blue-stone laneways of Melbs plastered with graff
Graffiti is tasty!
This quaint, adorable, character is often seen in and around the suburbs of Melbourne. Nufevah uses a variety of different materials and mediums to put up work. Nufevah works often come with an environmental message attached. Is it a type of whale?

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