Friday 9 January 2015


Its a rare sight to see soft, feminine illustrations in the macho dominated graffiti culture. These characters depict the stereotypical thoughts of a  young, Western girl "I want a pony" or better "a unicorn". Its often refreshing to see work challenging the notion of traditional graffiti (where you have a name and you tag it to mark your territory). This work is different.... humble maybe where the artist remains anonymous with no signature attached.      
 Women represent a minority in "the industry" and many are more accustomed to street art where there is less competition and art is produced for the people, rather than graffiti being for graffiti artists. Strictly speaking this piece is graffiti with a contextual element of street art. The work utilizes the cooler, calm, colours of blues and green. The horse and unicorn have a sense of child-like, care-free joy!

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