Monday 23 February 2015

3 piece carpark

Tasmania's often forgotten when it comes to graffiti in Australia. For many Melbourne's scene is where its at. I could be like any other person with a graffiti blog/fb or website and keep posting about the cities recent developments. But almost everybody forgets about the regional towns. Launceston in Northern Tasmania has a strong graffiti culture for a town with only 100,000 people. Its probably got one of the longest official legal graffiti walls in the country, and yet few people know about it. More to come on Launceston.... 
 Sometimes you have to search a bit but walls like this remain in Tasmania. Each piece was painted in 2010 the council has decided to support the art respect it and leave it. This work and graffiti more broadly has become part of urban architecture. Public art (graffiti) is part of the cultural infrastructure of urban and suburban areas.

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