Thursday 30 July 2015

Recipe for good graffiti?

To produce good graffiti like the trackside example below, requires some of the listed different elements,
  • Surface-high quality smooth surface.... primed concrete is premium and the brick wall is not far behind
  • Audience-the spot is public and seen on a regular basis by different people 
  • Accessible/Inaccessible-Accessible sites will always attract the majority of graffiti artists, a smaller minority will be encouraged to go further and "break and enter" for harder to reach spots gaining notoriety amongst graffiti artists
  • Buff-Lack of buffing over years will often allow walls to naturally establish.... generally walls improve over time and you reach a climax period when the art rarely changes
  • Fame-directly linked to audience and inaccessibility

Trackside graffiti near East Richmond, Melbourne
This wall demonstrates the aggressive territorial approach of KSA crew. They tend claim large areas by progressively expanding their pieces and throw-ups onto adjacent wall space. 

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