Tuesday 18 August 2015

Ringwood Empty

Been meaning to get this joint for ages.... You can see it from the train line slowly ageing from casual vandalism. I thought the property was sold a while ago and yet it still remains. I don't think the owners are interested in keeping it. The house will probably be demolished and new units built. watch this space! Its a sign of the times for Ringwood which is becoming increasingly urbanized. A huge multi-story Costco opened in 2013 and the train station is undergoing a major transformation as we speak.

Abandoned houses tend to accumulate shit from transient squatters
Surprisingly low amount of graffiti  
 Built in veranda or just a sunroom
Looking for copper

At least the junkies left the needles in pile
Seth Sentry's "Room for rent"
the couch surfers room
someone wanted to cut the bed in two?
outstanding view of the porch

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