Thursday 17 September 2015

Interview with SDM crew

How does the Melbourne graffiti scene rate on an international level?
Melbourne scene rates as one of the best in the world,we have some of the dopest,most dedicated writers. As far as style writers Melbourne has always been at the forefront of innovation,  there is a rich history of writers pushing the boundaries and honing their craft,this tradition of mastery is being carried on by some really skilled new talent,which is awesome to see. Our home grown writers can cut it against the best in the world.

What does graffiti have to offer to society?
Visual stimulation, pleasure, displeasure, wasted magistrates time, clean up bills, herald sun stories to read

What role do legal walls have in graffiti?
Depends on your perspective, good to chill at on a Sunday with mates

Who are the fresh writers on the Melbourne scene atm?
wow that could be a long list for sure.....SOME of my faves atm Dvate,Askem,Duke,Bailer,Scaler,Ling,Porno,Sabeth, Mords, Silk, Plea, Dem189, Shem, Akuze, Shame, Tilts and so many more!

When does graffiti look bad? 
Most of the time..........

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