Saturday 28 November 2015

Interview with anonymous writer

What was your inspiration?
"Mate got into graffiti 1993 and I started writing in 1994"

Whats changed in the scene since then?
"Paints a lot better now, writers used to rack their paint and now most of them pay for it"

When did graffiti peak in Melbourne?
"graffiti started 83 and peaked in 92, but graffiti is having a resurgence in popularity through street art" 
 unfinished piece

What advice would you have for a toy writer?
"Learn the rules as you go. You don't want to cap or start beef with older established crews or you will get your head kicked in. There is hurdles to overcome when your establishing a name for yourself, obliviously the police. You've got to think of a good name (good letters help) and establish good reputation through doing panels. After a you get to a certain skill level you should be able to write any letter in the alphabet."

tools of the trade

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