Tuesday 8 March 2016

Hoppers Crossing

Werribee Train line, Western Melbourne. Fresh, clean and dripping with style. Writers getting up painting walls in a landscape dominated by grasslands and urban development. The land out here has been dramatically altered Post European settlement. Cattle and sheep have destroyed these areas which were grazed first because of the lack of tree clearing needed. You would of once heard mobs of Kangaroos hopping through the landscape now replaced by road noise. Graffiti is an important part of regenerating the poorly thought architecture of the Werribee Line. Unnecessarily gigantic railway stations projecting the notion "we are humans look what we can do" kind of bullshit engineering statement. There's almost zero sense of community, here "the build it and they will come" mentality lost through the unattractive nature of the stations. The graffiti community thrives while the surrounding community struggles to survive.  


  1. Fuvk yeah if you wanna see good graffiti in hoppers come to red bridge aswell not just the train line

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