Sunday 24 July 2016

200th post. Melbourne's finest graffiti

So out of the 9000 odd photos of Melbourne Graffiti that I have, I've selected the 20 best pieces. These are Melbourne's elite graffiti artists. These kids push the boundaries and absolutely smash the living funk out of it. They have been selected on their style, flow, can control, originality, colour coordination and consistency.

Rews, ID, ACM

Askm, SDM, ADN

Stopem, CKA, TSF

Shem, RDC, F1, FBA

Break, AFP, MSA


Peps, CKA

Porno, SDM

Runs, CKA, TSF

WCA stomper

Dvate piece in background with Sigs, Porno, Dvate and ? SDM

Sken, KCD, PBP

Links, WD, DMA

Resume, ID, DB

Style, CKA

Akuze, AFP and Zode AFP, AC

Tame, DMA


Phibs (Sydney based)

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