Friday 9 September 2016

Snapping the Walls

I meet up with "Snapping the walls" recently in the morning and went on a graff hunting expedition. Did an interview which goes,

How did you become interested in Graffiti and Street Art?
Seeing stuff happening in the city during lunch breaks. Then it became something I sought out. Now a Sunday walkabout is a must.

Inspiration for Graffiti & Street Art?
Subway Art with Martha Cooper the photographer. Kings Way for showing me what I had been missing out on. Project Melbourne Underground for showing me how amazing graffiti could be.

Favorite Writers?
ACM, SDM, ID crews, Sofles, Phibs, too many to name!

Favorite spots to visit?
Hosier Lane, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Brunswick. I'm working my way along the train lines and creeks too.

Street Art vs Graffiti?
In my blog I celebrate whatever goes on a wall. Pieces, throw-ups, characters, tags, cats, portraits, paste ups, stencils, dicks and smiley faces. It takes bravery to get up in the face of possible arrest, beef and criticism.

How do you see graffiti in the future?
The great thing with graff hunting is there can be a surprise around any corner. There has always will be graffiti. Despite what politicians, the police and media think, it will continue. With encouragement it can only get better.

Snapping the Walls photos

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