Saturday 6 January 2018

5 years of wall evolution, Ringwood, Melbourne

Graffiti walls all around the world are changing constantly. It's interesting to watch the evolution of the wall and the influences of the change. 
Here you see a cheap half done orange buff re-paint to cover previous graffiti. People have noticed this and preferred to go with the throw-up over the top. Cover maximum area with minimum paint.
Shortly after with no buffing people stop throw-ups and start painting pieces. This goes on for 4 years to 2018. Nost tag out of his traditional painting range of inner suburbs and south-east.
Old school writer Cruze, CW, MOS, WCA. Foebia piece shows a more 90's style where the outlines cut into the lettering. Similar style to Prizna also from CW.
Clean, public style
A unorthodox style by Krems from GH
Every wall shot up until now has showcased at least two main writers. Here Krems from GH makes a bold statement and uses the whole wall.

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