Friday 5 July 2024

Gold Rush-Ballarat

Once a town of wealth built on gold. The third largest city in Victoria sits 1.5 hours West of Melbourne. The Western Fwy takes you through the culturally desolate and sprawling monotnous suburbs of Caroline Springs, Melton and Rockbank. These modern pop-up towns sit in contrast to Ballarat containing some of the oldest buildings in Victoria. Land of Wadawurrung people, prior to invasion that in the space of 200 years was profoundly changed by hopes and dreams. The chance of striking it lucky in goldfields lead to an economic boom rarely experienced elsewhere in Australia on this scale. Large, grandiose buildings stand lining the streets providing a glimpse into the past. The big, bold 1800's architecture a critical element to providing canvas for modern art for the people by the people-graffiti. These similar traits are found in other early colonial cities elsewhere like Launceston, Hobart in Tasmania and Bendigo, Ballarat, Melbourne in Victoria. The tucked away train lines, alley ways, laneways and stormwater drains are all unique features of this period utilised by the urban graffiti artist.

What remains of creeks and waterways in the city are now drains, many lined with bluestone

                                                                        Local crews
                                                                    Melbourne vagrant


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