Thursday 19 March 2015

Mural-town Sheffield, Tasmania

Sheffield in Northern Tasmania is a great town for anyone to visit. The major tourist attraction is the murals  (Town of Murals) for which it is famous for. The town of just over a 1,000 people have held an annual international mural festival since 2003. There is a competition with a theme of which the nine finalists proudly display their artwork in the park. 
This is an interesting mural of work. The depressing mood of the painting is created using dull-grey and black colours. Then there is the shinning, bright, graffiti piece which draws the viewers attention. This mural is made interesting because its taken graffiti and put it in a positive position amongst the bleak urban landscape. Behind the built up society is a distant natural environment separated by an impenetrable concrete wall.   
This is a classic. The mural is titled "No Demands Land" spin-off of Van Dieman's Land (the name of the island prior to being called Tasmania). It really goes to show the relaxed nature of the Tasmanian lifestyle. 
 This is a graffiti wall in Sheffield. The legality of painting this wall is very unclear. There is no formal declaration by the Kentish council that it is a legal wall.
 The other icon of Sheffield is the incredible backdrop of Mt Roland (1234 meters) which sits South of the town.

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