Monday 27 April 2015

Melbourne's Artistic Culture

All graffiti has a element of elegance to me even if its the shit tag on a wall, because it pioneers a spot which can in turn evolve into something bigger. Even if the shit tag remains and sits there, it serves a function/purpose to occupy space. It says hey you... look how I see art differently. Or maybe not even art, it could be destructive vandalism. If art vandalism is what you do, then I say "rock it." 
Talented artist Howie inverts the name in an effort to seek extra attention from the punters.

We live in a society were we are taught "everything can be bought and sold." The truth may hurt but that statement is complete bullshit! Graffiti can neither be bought or sold. The artist/s produce the work but they never own the right to protect it let alone cut the wall out and sell it. Often the community or local authority dictates when the graffiti exhibition is to be obliterated. Once the artwork is gone it will never return, unless the artist persists and restores or recreates it. So in effect every-time a graff wall is buffed the culture behind the wall is somewhat lost and the vibe of an area changes. A artist once said "graffiti is energy." People from all over the world come to Melbourne to Hosier Lane to feed off the vibrant energy seeping off the walls.
Hosier Lane part of the broader Melbourne Arts Culture

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