Tuesday 1 December 2015

Thought bubbles on Hosier Lane

Lush is one of those unique graffiti artists which is always pushing the conformity envelope open to new ideas and concepts. He often mocks himself through self-deprecating humor. Lushsux his blog on tumblr makes everyone question why does he suck and it deliberately generates attention, subconsciously. He has brought a lot of attention to the scene, which in itself is another blog post. I don't like a lot of his work and think in many ways he perpetuates an all to common misogynistic attitude amongst writers. The sexual objectification of woman in his work, is absoutely fucked up. As a a society we need to be continuously pushing gender equality.
 Mocking the superficial social media world, where everyone needs to take a photo (selfie-wank) to somehow justify their existence in this increasingly homogenized world.

 Making fun of tourists that come to Hosier lane and who don't attempt to understand the culture and just see what is surface deep.
Insecurities of everyday citizens

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