Sunday 4 June 2017

What's next...

The blog was initially started to keep a documentation and start a conversation on the value of the graffiti and street art. Since its inception in 2014 the author has learnt more about the graffiti subculture through conversations with artists, vandals, and anybody that would listen or have an opinion on the topic. Much time has been spent viewing facebook pages, other blogs, media reports, websites, forums, videos, movies, documentaries and better still graffiti on a wall, wherever. The blog will continue to accumulate knowledge and will evolve and adapt to look at different facets of graffiti.

Whilst at its core the blog will be based on graffiti but will have a peripheral vision for the background history of sites where it occurs and other interrelated topics like politics, architecture, urban planning, socio-demographics, geography, climate, ecology, economics and much more. Significant graffiti information material exists online for places like Melbourne whereas Tasmania's graffiti culture is well under-represented online. This blog seeks to fill in some of those information gaps where possible.

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